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Custom Cushion Designer

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Design Your Own Custom Cushion Shapes

CustomCushions.com makes it easy to create stunning indoor & outdoor furniture cushions in just about any shape you can imagine. With our highly advanced interactive cushion shape creation tool you can easily create highly customized cushions made in very specific shapes that are impossible to find anywhere else. Our custom shaped cushions are made in a boxed edge construction and filled with high quality indoor-outdoor foam wrapped with polyester fiber batting. If you have oddly shaped custom furniture, wood furniture that requires notched cushions or specialized window bay cushions, this tool is the perfect solution for you. The instructions below are simple to follow and once you get the hang of it, you'll see that you can create an almost endless number of custom cushion shapes directly in your browser!
1 - Select Thickness To begin designing your custom shaped cushion it is best practice to first set the thickness of the cushion. Use the "Thick" selector to set your desired thickness.
2 - Select Width & Depth You should then set the overall width and depth of the cushion before adjusting the corners. Use the "Width" and "Depth" selectors to change the overall sizes of the cushion to suit your specific need.
3 - Set Corner Modification Use the "Corner Modification" selector to set the type of modification you would like for a specific corner. The following corner modifications are available:

Square Round Chamfer Notch
Square Corner Modification Round Corner Modification Chamfer Corner Modification Notch Corner Modification
4 - Corner Modification Value The "Modification Value" adjusts the size (in inches) for any given modification that has been applied to the cushion. The following are examples of different corner modifications detailing which measurements are required for your corners.

Round Chamfer Notch
Round Corner Modifier

The distance from the very corner to where the curve begins.

Also the radius of the curve.
Chamfer Corner Modifier

The distance from the very corner to where the chamfer begins.
Notch Corner Modifier

The width and depth of the notch.
NOTE * When selecting a modification value that is shown in red, our system will also adjust a neighboring corner to avoid overlapping. Therefore, if you have a cushion that is 20 X 20, you cannot have two neighboring corners with modifier values totaling more than 20 inches because our system will compensate by adjusting the corner that will be overlapped by your current adjustment. Please make sure that all sizes are correct before adding the item to your cart.

Custom shaped cushions are made without ties.
* The current lead time to shipment for newly placed orders is 25 to 30 business days.
Lead times are to be considered an estimate and are subject to change based
on many factors including fabric availability. Lead times do not include shipping time.