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Sunbrella's Mushroom Fabric: Bringing Nature's Hues to Your Cushions
  Although we have made every effort to provide the most accurate representation of our material selection, please take note that material images may vary in color when displayed on different monitors and may appear slightly different from the actual material color due to several factors including variations in lighting. Ordering fabric samples prior to placing your order is highly recommended.

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SelvedgeLeft / Right
MaterialAcrylic - Solution Dyed
Weight8 oz per sq. yard

Fabric Yardage
29.95  per linear yard

3.00 each

Sunbrella's Mushroom Fabric: A Rustic Tranquility for Your Lakeside Cabin

Imagine the quietude of Minnesota's Boundary Waters as you surround yourself with Sunbrella's Mushroom Fabric. Perfectly adorning a chaise cushion, this fabric invites an ambience of rustic charm into your lakeside cabin. Its understated light brown hue carries whispers of warm chestnut trees, of earthy woodland floors beneath the towering pines. As you recline on your cushion, the fabric sings a serenade of serenity, transfixing your cabin beside the shimmering lake. Each thread weaves a tale of tranquility, inspiring visions of sipping morning coffee on your chaise as the dawn's mist lifts over the calm lake surface. Sunbrella's Mushroom Fabric is more than a color, it's an experience; it's a rustic retreat, a comforting respite, a tactile reminder of those sun-dappled mornings amidst the cool embrace of the forest. Reimagine your cabin’s relaxation space with this splendidly durable fabric, weaving the allure of the great outdoors into your cherished moments of leisure.
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