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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specifications

Product Availability
All of the cushions that are offered on the CustomCushions.com web site are manufactured per order based on customer specifications and are available for ordering in any of the furniture fabrics appearing in our fabric collection. While we try to update our fabric collection on a regular basis, we are subject to the notifications of fabric availability provided by our suppliers . As a result we are unable to guarantee that all of the fabrics appearing on the CustomCushions.com web site will be available from the manufacturer. If your order contains an item with a particular fabric that has been discontinued or otherwise is no longer available but is still appearing on our site, you will be notified as soon as possible by phone or email.

What Type Of Cushion Constructions Are Available?
CustomCushions.com makes cushions in two different types of constructions. Deluxe style boxed edge cushions and Basic style waterfall edge or knife edge cushions.

Deluxe style boxed edge cushions are constructed with top and bottom fabric panels that are connected by an additional strip of fabric between the two panels, making the cushion look more boxed with well defined edges due to the double seams.

Basic style waterfall edge cushions and knife edge cushions are constructed with top and bottom fabric panels that are sewn directly to each other, creating a softer, smoother edge resembling a waterfall when filled. Thinner cushions with waterfall edge construction are also commonly referred to as Knife Edge cushions.

What Type Of Corners Will My Cushions Have?
Custom cushions made with a waterfall-edge construction that are 2″ thick will be made with basic knife-edge style corners. Cushions made with a waterfall-edge construction that are 3″ thick or more will be made with french corners.

What Type Of Cushion Filling Does CustomCushions.com Use?
Our Waterfall Edge style chair, chaise, ottoman and seat cushions are filled with your choice of Dupont® brand polyester fiber filling, high quality indoor-outdoor polyurethane foam or reticulated dry-fast foam for outdoor use.

All cushions made with a waterfall edge structure and filled with foam will be made with a foam core that is 1” thinner than the customer selected thickness, and will be wrapped with a fiber batting which will add the remaining 1” to achieve the desired thickness.

All of our Boxed Edge cushions and pads, as well as all of our bench cushions (both Basic and Deluxe styles) are filled with your choice of high quality indoor-outdoor polyurethane foam or reticulated dry-fast foam. Both filling options come standard with a polyester fiber batting for added comfort.

The fibers in our Dupont® brand polyester filling are vertically layered and bonded together using a unique heating process to create sheets of firm 100% polyester fibers that stand upright and support each other for maximum product life. The heat-bonding process uses heat to bond the polyester fibers together forming sheets of filling that are custom-cut and shaped to fit your cushions perfectly.

NOTE: CustomCushions.com does NOT use resin-bonded fibers which are often bonded using flammable resins that break down and also cause cushions to become extremely dusty over time.

You Offer Trimming On Your Cushions?
Yes. Welting is optional on all custom made cushions. Welting is a type of trimming that is sewn into the seams of the cushion in which the seam cannot be seen and the cushion or pillow is given an appearance of a piping or tubing instead. Welting can be made in either the same fabric or contrasting fabric colors. This provides a crisper look to the cushion while providing enhanced stitching durability.

Cushions made with a waterfall edge construction have a single welt option as there is only one seam. Cushions made in a boxed edge construction have double welt options for the top and bottom seams of the pad.

 Disclaimer: Adding single or double welt trimming to your cushion may add up to ¼″ to the dimensions on all sides.

Do Your Cushions Include Zippers?
Zippers are located at the back width on all of our cushions except waterfall edge seat pads that are completely round or have fully rounded backs, hinged chair cushions, hinged chaise cushions or throw pillows. All back cushions for chairs or benches have zippers along the bottom edge of the pads.

Depending on the type of product, and the size ordered, zippers may slightly wrap around the sides of the cushion for manufacturing purposes. If this is undesirable, please contact our customer support team prior to ordering to verify if this will be the case with the cushions you are planning to order.

Are Your Cushions Made With Serged Inner Seams?
No, our cushions do not include serged inner seams.

Are Your Cushions Made In America?
YES! All of our cushions and pillows are manufactured right here in the United States of America using only domestically manufactured materials.

Ordering & Checkout

Placing An Order
Placing your order on our web site is simple and convenient.

Please follow these easy steps after going through the process of creating your individual cushions and adding them to your shopping cart:

1. Select CustomCushions.com products by clicking "add to cart"
2. Click the checkout button when viewing your shopping cart
3. Enter your billing information
4. Enter your shipping information
5. Confirm your order

How Can I Track My Order?
We will email you with tracking information automatically when your items ship.

Order Status:
To view the status of your order as well as obtain tracking information, please enter your order number with your email address. Please enter this information exactly as it appears on your order receipt. If you do not have your order number, please contact our customer support team using our Contact Form.

Track Your Order:

Order Number:
Email Address:

Can I Purchase Fabric By The Yard?
Ordering fabric yardage from CustomCushions.com is easy. All of the fabrics that are offered for cushions and umbrellas can also be purchased by the yard. Simply browse to our fabrics section, choose your fabric and add the number of yards you would like to your shopping cart.

What Payment Options Does CustomCushions.com Accept?
CustomCushions.com accepts payment through the following credit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®.

Do You Have A Storefront Or Showroom?
Custom Cushions, Inc. is an e-commerce company and does not maintain a brick and mortar storefront or showroom. Our goal is to bring the store to you, making ordering as convenient an experience as possible.

Will I Receive An Email Confirmation?
An email confirmation of your order is sent to the email specified when you place your order. An additional email confirmation for shipped orders is sent when your order leaves our facility. Email confirmations are considered a part of our regular ordering service, and will therefore still be delivered to customers that have requested not to receive promotional email messages from CustomCushions.com.

What If I Experience Errors During Checkout?
Errors during the checkout process are usually related to one of the following problems:

  • One or more required fields in the form were left blank.
  • One or more fields in the Billing Information form contained invalid data.
    (for example, an incorrect expiration date, an invalid card verification code or transposed digits in the card number or address)
  • The billing name and/or address you provided do not match the information your credit card issuer has on file.

If you are sure you entered all of the information correctly and you continue to receive errors, you may want to try another card for your purchase - then contact the issuer of the card that didn't work to report the problems you experienced.

If you would like any assistance from one of our customer support representatives in completing your order, please feel free to contact our support team by phone or using our contact form.

What Is Your Current Lead Time?
CustomCushions.com requires approximately 20 to 25 Business Days to prepare your cushions, pillows, umbrellas, slings and other custom made products. This lead time may fluctuate based on many factors, including the time of season, material availability and several other variables.

Can I Change My Order?
If you just placed an order on our web site and notice that there was an error, please notify our customer support team by phone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We are able to correct just about any problem with an order if we are informed within a few hours of order placement. After a several hours, we cannot guarantee that the changes you request will not incur additional costs if materials have already been consumed for your order.

Can I Cancel An Order?
In order to cancel your order you must notify us by phone IMMEDIATELY after placing your order. Every item appearing on CustomCushions.com is made according to customer specifications. Once the materials for your order have been cut, they will no longer be suitable for use on future orders. As a result, CustomCushions.com is UNABLE TO GUARANTEE that your order will be cancelled if our staff is not notified within 24 hours of placing your order. If the fabric for your order has already been cut within that time and you still require an order cancellation, we will be required to charge you for the used fabric and any post-processing fees. Please review our Terms of Service.

Can I Return An Order?
All of our cushions, pillows and umbrellas are custom made according to customer supplied specifications and therefore are not returnable. Please be sure you order the correct sizes and fabric selection as all sales are to be considered FINAL with respect to warranty issues expressly covered by Sunbrella® and/or Glen Raven Mills®. To avoid any size issues, click here to review our simple to follow measuring guides before ordering custom cushions. We also highly recommend that you order fabric swatches from our fabric selection prior to placing an order for your cushions just to be sure you receive the color and pattern that you expect.

Are Custom Sizes Exact?
Because of the dynamic nature of the materials involved in the production of cushions and pillows (ie. Fabric, Fiberfill, Foam, String) precision sizes are not possible and CustomCushions.com does not guarantee that the finished sizes will be exact. While all orders are made as close as possible to customer specifications, there are many factors which can change the size of the cushion, including actual use of the cushion. Please take note that ordering from this web site constitutes that you accept that all sizes are an approximation (with a tolerance of ±½″ on most items. Please click here to review a our detailed tolerance chart.

 Dimension Disclaimers

  All sizes are to be considered an approximation.

  Adding fiber batting to foam filled cushions may increase the overall thickness of the cushions by up to ½″ - 1½″.

  Adding single or double welt trimming to your cushion may add up to ¼″ to the dimensions on all sides.

Shipping Information

To Which States Does CustomCushions.com Ship To?
We currently ship to the 48 contiguous United States. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to make special arrangements to ship to a state or country not listed in our checkout form.

Do You Require A Signature Confirmation For Shipments?
A signature confirmation is not required for most order deliveries; however, shipping companies may at their own discretion require an adult to be present to accept the shipment, require a signature confirmation to release the shipment or ask the person accepting the shipment to provide the delivery driver with a photo identification.

Can I Make Special Delivery Arrangements?
Unfortunately CustomCushions.com does not have an influence over the routes or schedules of the delivery companies which we use to ship, and therefore we are unable to make special arrangements for specific delivery dates and/or times.

Why Has The Delivery Of My Order Been Delayed?
Occasionally the delivery of orders may be delayed due to situations outside of the control of CustomCushions.com and various shipping companies that we utilize. Incidents such as natural disasters, cases of extreme weather and other such situations that cannot be controlled by any of the parties involved may affect the delivery time of your order. We sincerely apologize of you have experienced any inconvenience that may be caused by delays of this nature and we are constantly watching for any such situations in order to notify the purchasing party via email immediately of any delay.

What If My Order Arrives Damaged?
Once your order arrives, please inspect the packaging for any damage and open within two (2) business days after receiving it. If the packaging and/or product are damaged on arrival, please contact our customer support team within two (2) business days of receipt and submit detailed photos of the damaged product and packaging. Do not discard damaged packaging as it is required by the shipping carrier for inspection. Once we receive the photos of the damage, they will be submitted to our production and shipping departments for review. If the product was damaged during the shipping process we will be required to file a claim with the shipping carrier, at which point they will need to inspect the product as well as the damaged packaging so please do not discard the damaged packaging materials that your product arrived in.

Billing Information

Does CustomCushions.com Collect Taxes?
CustomCushions.com is obligated to collect any state sales tax when shipping to an in-state address. If the delivery address of your order is within the state of California, CustomCushions.com will automatically include a sales tax charge.

How Is My Credit Card Charged?
The charge applied to your credit card should match the total in the email confirmation you received from CustomCushions.com when you placed your order.

If you see what looks like multiple charges on your credit card within the first 48 hours after your order, it is most likely more than one approval is a result of clicking the "Complete Order" button multiple times. When this happens, your credit card company confirms that you have enough credit for your transaction.

There will ultimately only be one actual transaction, and any extra approvals will disappear. You can confirm this with your credit card company.

If your credit card company does indeed confirm multiple charges for the same order ("settlements" in credit card company lingo), or if you have any other question about billing discrepancies, please visit our Contact Us form for additional help.

Other Issues

How Do I Report Web Site Problems?
CustomCushions.com is committed to providing our customers with the most comforting ordering environment and take extra measures to make sure our web site is simple to use and is error-free. Therefore, we kindly ask that you notify our customer support team if you exprience an error or find a discrepancy while browsing our web site.

How Can I Contact Customer Support?
If you have any questions or comments you can contact our customer support team at any time using the Contact Us form provided on our web site. If you would like to contact customer support by phone, our toll free phone number is (800) 528-4576 and agents are available between 8:00AM to 3:00PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

* The current lead time to shipment for newly placed orders is 20 to 25 business days.
Lead times are to be considered an estimate and are subject to change based
on many factors including fabric availability. Lead times do not include shipping time.