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Agra Pebble

Agra Pebble: The Leopard’s Whisper by Sunbrella
  Although we have made every effort to provide the most accurate representation of our material selection, please take note that material images may vary in color when displayed on different monitors and may appear slightly different from the actual material color due to several factors including variations in lighting. Ordering fabric samples prior to placing your order is highly recommended.

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Agra Pebble

Repeat9.38 x 9.33
SelvedgeLeft / Right
MaterialAcrylic - Solution Dyed
Weight11.50 oz per sq. yard

Fabric Yardage
58.95  per linear yard

3.00 each

Experience Wild Luxury: Sunbrella’s Agra Pebble Fabric

Revel in the untamed beauty of the Agra Pebble fabric by Sunbrella. This mesmerizing fabric mirrors the leopard's enigmatic persona, elegantly dancing between the realms of wild allure and refined sophistication. A serene beige background gives way to a vibrant taupe leopard pattern, echoing the exotic landscapes of the African savannah under a warm, golden sunset. When graced upon a bench cushion, the Agra Pebble transforms the mundane into a thrilling safari adventure. Imbued with the strength and grace of the leopard, this fabric brings a dynamic spirit to your space, inspiring awe and respect while maintaining an air of comfortable luxury.
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